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Colloidal Silica is water based high temperature binder contain no toxic organic solvent or polymer. Colloidal silica particles have chemically active surfaces that bond readily to many types of granular and fibrous materials, especially those used for refractory or ceramic applications. The high surface area and reactivity of the silica particles make them very effective inorganic binders for high temperature applications.


Colloidal Silica 50%.
Colloidal Silica 40%.(with/without Anti freeze)
    • Ammonia Stabilized.
    • Soda Stabilized.
Colloidal Silica 30%. (with/without Anti freeze)
Colloidal Silica 20%.(with/without Anti freeze)
Modified Colloidal Silica.


  Precision Investment Casting: Colloidal silica has high bonding power with a variety of refractory grains such as:
    • Zircon
    • Fused silica
    • Alumina

The resulting shells are strong, with low coefficients of thermal expansion and excellent surface reproduction. Colloidal silica contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC).

  Inorganic Fibrous Shapes. Colloidal silica is used as binder for vacuum forming refractory fibrous shapes such as
    • Insulation board
    • Ceramic fireplace logs

Where high temperature stability is required.

Advantages of using Colloidal Silica with ceramic fibres composites as binder are:
• Resistance to thermal shock
• Practically no thermal expansion
• Resistance to mechanical shock and vibration
• Flexibility in control of product properties
• Usefulness at temperatures up to 1650°C (3000°F) with certain fibbers.

 Refectory Cements: Formulation of Colloidal silica with milled alumina silicate fibres help to make fibrous cements for trowel application or for use in steel mills and other     refractory cements and gunning uses.

Modified cements or gunning mixture exhibit following properties:
• Minimum shrinkage
• High strength at temperatures up to 1260°C).

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