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Construction Chemicals:

1) LitSIL-h: High lithium content hardener makes surface of concrete hard, abrasion resistant and to combat ASR.

2) LitSil-S: Medium lithium content hardener and sealer.

3) LitSil-C: For crack filling and brick missionary plastering.

4) Nano LitSil Sol: Blend of Inorganic lithium Silicate and Modified Silica Sol.

Scope of applications in construction activities:
1. Used to seal, harden and densify all new and existing interior concrete floor surfaces.

2. Ideal For use in warehouse, retail store, restaurants, indoor malls, office complex, food processing plants, dairies, breweries, food lockers, slaughtering plants, animal pens and bottling plants.

3. Excellent for use to protect, seal and improve the appearance of concrete countertops. Increases abrasion resistance and surface hardness.

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