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1. Nano sol -30:


 Paint and Lacquer: Compactable with waterborne clear lacquers and water based poly urethane.
Product benefits:

NanoSol-30 increases hardness.
Increases abrasive resistance and friction.
Increased adhesion.
Reduces drying time.
Improves sanding properties.

Nano Sol -30 is used in formulations in the textile industry. Nano Sol-30 is used in combination with other ingredients. Nano sol-30 can protect the weave structure, improve seam slippage, dry hand, and control fabric sheen in textiles. Nano Sol-30 gives special finishing effects to blends and to fabrics made of cotton, wool, synthetic fibres and filaments. Textile finishers achieve outstanding results in dyeing and finishing using Nano Sol-30 solutions.

2. Nano LitSil Sol: Blend of Inorganic lithium silicate and Modified Silica Sol.

Application: Nano LitSil Sol is used to coat Concrete floor.

Product benefits:
Enhances anti soiling property.
Increase scratch resistance.
Increase resistance to acids and alkali.
Increase resistance to water.
Dust free surface.
Lotus effect.

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